Libéralisation et régulation des marchés de variétés et de semences : analyse du coton-bt en chine et dans les pays émergents

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Article (sc. journal) of M. Fok and N. Xu - 2010

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  • Literature reference
  • Author
  • M. Fok and N. Xu
  • English title of the work
  • Liberalisation and regulation of varieties and seeds markets: analysis of the bt-cotton case in china and emerging countries
  • Title of the work
  • Libéralisation et régulation des marchés de variétés et de semences : analyse du coton-bt en chine et dans les pays émergents
  • Year of publication
  • 2010
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  • 1
  • Journal or magazine
  • Cahiers Agricultures
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  • 28-33
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  • 19
  • Countries concerned
  • South Africa
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  • Biotechnology factor of production cost
    GM seed cost
    Technology fee
    GM seed use conditions
    Regulation of cotton sector
    Input and service supply
    Influence of private sector
    Private sector
    Public/private partnership
    National framework & techno. access
    Policy for techno access
    Competition & techno. access
    Cost of techno. access
    Techno. supply coordination
    Techno. supply competition
    Techno supply modalities
    Techno supply regulation
    Efficient research implementation
    Public-private partnership
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  • Abstract
  • Cet article a pour objet d’examiner les processus de libe´ralisation et de re´gulation dans le
    de´veloppement des marche´s de varie´te´s et de semences en Chine, a` partir du cas
    du coton-Bt. Ce de´veloppement est lie´ aux dispositions concernant la protection de la
    proprie´te´ intellectuelle, notamment les dispositions spe´cifie´es par l’Organisation mondiale
    du commerce (OMC) – dont la Chine est membre depuis fin 2001 – depuis sa cre´ation.
    Le cadre institutionnel chinois est e´tudie´ ici...
  • English abstract
  • This article analyses the process of liberalisation and regulation of varieties and seed
    markets in China through the specific case of Bt-cotton. The development of the markets
    addressed is linked to the intellectual property protection as specified by the WTO,
    an organisation China joined in 2001. The Chinese institutional framework is studied
    here with the purpose of assessing the extent of its specificity relatively to other emerging
    countries which are also WTO member countries and whic...