Politique cotonnière en Syrie : adaptation partielle et progressive a` la mondialisation

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Article (sc. journal) of H. Alashcar and M. Fok - 2009

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  • Literature reference
  • Author
  • H. Alashcar and M. Fok
  • English title of the work
  • Cotton policy in syria: partial and gradual adaptation to globalization
  • Title of the work
  • Politique cotonnière en Syrie : adaptation partielle et progressive a` la mondialisation
  • Year of publication
  • 2009
  • Author's email
  • michel.fok@cirad.fr
  • Issue number of a journal, magazine...
  • 5
  • Journal or magazine
  • Cahiers agricultures
  • Page number
  • 393-401
  • URL Address
  • http://halshs.archives-ouvertes.fr/index.php?action_todo=search&view_this_doc=halshs-00455268&version=1&halsid=ab9786acfffd86ce6d325a67d121d5ed
  • Volume of a journal or multi-volume book
  • 18
  • Countries concerned
  • Syria
  • Associated thesauruses
  • Colire
  • Keywords Colire
  • Role of parastatal organizations
    Regulation of cotton sector
    Marketing administration
    Price administration
    Input and service supply
    Administration of pricing mechanisms
    A index
    Fixed price
    Price administration
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  • 2011-12-14
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  • 2011-12-14
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  • Fok Michel
  • Abstract
  • La Syrie est un pays producteur de coton, significatif, mais sa politique cotonnie`re est
    rarement analyse´e et reste largement me´connue. C’est une politique assez particulie`re,
    qui se caracte´rise par l’engagement fort et stable de l’E´ tat et par la puissance du controˆle
    administratif de la production, meˆme apre`s une certaine libe´ralisation de l’e´conomie
    pour s’adapter a` la mondialisation. Le syste`me de prix, inchange´ depuis plus de quarante
    ans, a garanti des revenus attractifs...
  • English abstract
  • Syria is a rather important cotton producing country but its cotton policy is seldom
    appraised and remains little known outside the country. This policy is quite particular
    given a strong and stable commitment from the State and powerful administrative
    control of cotton production, even after some shift to a more liberalized economy. The
    pricing system has remained unchanged for more than forty years to guaranty producers
    an attractive income. Syria provides a rare example of a cotton polic...